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Where Does the Hydrogen Machine Cleanse?

Every day using your car leads to accumulate the carbon built up in the engine and and exhaust system.

Give your engine a deep clean using our carbon cleaning machine.

What is the benefits of carbon cleaning?

  • Removes carbon-build up from gas and diesel engines
  • Helps pass Smog Test, reduces pollution & emissions
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Restores engines original performance
  • Removes Check Engine Light
  • Repairs engine misfires & jerking
  • Cleans EGR Valves, Catalytic Converters, Oxygen Sensors, Turbo Chargers, Valves, Manifolds, DPFs, Sparkplugs, Exhaust Lines and more!

How the hydrogen cleans the carbon build-up?

Hydrogen is characterized by a high reactivity and a combustion rate as much as five times greater than that of fuel. Moreover, hydrogen has a wider flammability range than other types of fuel. Due to these characteristics, the addition of even a small amount of hydrogen in the fuel-air mixture increases the combustion rate thus making the combustion more stable by reducing the duration of combustion and reducing cycle-to-cycle variations.

Many quantitative and experimental studies done on the impact of adding hydrogen in internal combustion engines (based on gas or diesel) have come to the common conclusion that the measure:

  • reduces the duration of the combustion process
  • increases thermal efficiency
  • Burns off, disintegrates, and removes carbon deposits

And finally, for best results, we recommend you go for a 25 to 30-minute drive in low gear (above 3000 r/min) after the Carbon Cleaning session in order to remove the last remaining residue from the exhaust.

Spark Plugs

Catalytic Convertor


Oxygen Sensors


Exhaust Manifold


EGR Valve